Gwyn SkoneSoftware


Some of my past software projects are listed below. The program downloads are freeware, but if you do happen to use anything here then please let me know by email, if only for my own curiosity. If you find bugs or missing features, please feel free to tell me and I'll try to fix it.

Server distribution service for network, allowing several hosts on a local network to service a single external port with basic load distribution and rule-based assignment. Details

Flory 2
Network membership, access control, and monitoring software. Primarily designed (and indeed developed to specification) for internet cafés. Details

DMX lighting control program for theatrical productions, plus remote control interfaces for laptops and Pocket PCs. Details

LightPlot 2
Stage lighting design and control system, still in progress. Details

Endeavour 2
Advanced overhead projection control system for churches, for displaying songs, readings, pictures, videos, and PowerPoint presentations. Details

Time Zone Clock
Simple title bar area display showing up to 5 clocks with customizable offsets from local time. Download

Website editor, featuring page groupings, CSS support, and page templates. Works with almost any HTML page editor, such as FrontPage Express, Mozilla (Netscape) Composer, and Microsoft Word. Download

Verbose Copier
File copying utility that gives transfer rate statistics and estimated remaining times. Download