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These are (as you might have guessed) written in python. Hence to run them you need Python: Available freely here (these are written for Python 2.x, and may not be compatible with Python 3.x)

[DIR]Nox: an n by n noughts and crosses game.
[DIR]Matrices: a python object to fulfill all your matrix needs.
[DIR]Fractions: a python object to fulfill all your fractional needs.
[ZIP]Light Cycles: the classic game from Tron, rendered in as many players as you can fit at one keyboard.
[PY ]Source for neil.py: my custom header file. Presently we're at version 1.71 1.
[TXT]Changelist for neil.py: In spite of the lack of other documentation neil.py now has a changelist file.

1 At the moment there's only internal documenting for it. It should still be fairly obvious what does what.
This library is released under The zlib/libpng License. (In summary: here is code, enjoy.)

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