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Fractions - Python Class

Some fractions

This source provides a defintion for fraction objects, and using the common operators (+,-,*,/,<,>,etc.) with them, in python.
Hence to run it you need Python: Available freely here
To save it onto your computer use 'Save Target as' in the right click menu

[PY ]Fractions: source for the fractions library. Version 1.03
[PY ]Source for neil.py: Required by fractions.py. Presently we're at version 1.5.
[TXT]Readme: Complete documentation for the fractions library including troubleshooting
[TXT]Changelist: Really rather short atm, hopefully it'll stay that way.
[ZIP]Bonus Price Fractions pack: has the above four in: the complete package for every fraction user ;-)

This program is distributed subject to the GPL.

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