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I wanted to play with operator overloading and Someone talked about a simultaneous equation solver, which you would obviously do with matrices. So I wrote one of them as well.
Anyhow, this is the result.

Provided below is python source code. Hence to run it you need Python: Available freely here
To save it onto your computer use 'Save Target as' in the right click menu

[PY ] the source code of the matrix module. Presently we're at version 2.00. Do not use for CATAM1
[PY ]Source for my custom header file. Required by
[PY ] a class definition for vectors. Required by
[PY ] base definition for Required by
[PY ]Simultaneous Equations Solver: a pre-release Simultaneous Equation solver which is an example of the use of (hence it require
[TXT]Readme: describes you how to install and use
[TXT]Changelist: The riveting history of evolution of
[ZIP]Bonus Price Matrix pack: has the above 7 in: the complete package for every matrix user ;-)

This program is distributed subject to the GPL.

Please do email me if you find a bug or want another feature, with one exception:
I would love to add eigenvalue and eigenvector support. However, I don't know how to solve arbitary, nth order polynomials, let alone how to teach a computer to do it. I guess I could try iteration. Anyhow, if you want such support you'll have to teach me the maths to solve such equations.

1 CATAM is the maths computing coursework at Cambridge University. Do not submit this program as part of your project as I submitted it as part of some of mine, the electronic comparing will spot the similarity, you'll lose every mark you ever earnt for CATAM and I'll get in trouble as well.
If you want to use this as a library to your project a) make sure you credit me clearly, otherwise the above will happen b) check with your supervisor that they don't mind you using such a library.

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