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Noughts and Crosses for the Clinically Insane

Crosses Won

After many hours of work, and the expenditure of much chocolate cake, we (Michelle and I) are proud to bring you:
The Variable Size Board Craze that's Rocking the Nation: N by N Noughts and Crosses!

Here are a collection of screenshots of the graphical interface to give you idea of what the game is like.
New Highlights: The Hard AI is now smarter and faster. For more details see the changelist

Programs are listed as: nox-(#major version)r(#minor version)r(#trivial revision)[options]
For a description of dependancies and where to get them see the bottom of the page.

[EXE]nox-3r2d: Compiled previous release as a self extracting zip - no dependancies, windows specific
[ZIP]nox-3r3: Source and data pack for the latest nox release - requires Python 2.3 or above, Pygame, and an unzip program.
[ZIP]nox-3r2p: Source and data pack for previous nox release ported to Linux - requires Python 2.2, Pygame, and something to read .tar.gz files.
[ZIP]upgrade to nox-3r3: Holds the files to upgrade nox-3r1+ to nox-3r3. Also holds all the files you'll need if you only want the text interface.
[DIR]Nox Directory: File list for people who are difficult and want, e.g., graphics but no sounds.
[DIR]Nox FAQ: Installation, trouble-shooting and random trivia.
[DIR]Interface information: All the information you need (besides some knowledge of python) to write your own interface for nox.
[DIR]Help: Help for all of the interfaces and an explanation of the game mechanics. This is in the compressed files.
[TXT]the licence: Check out what you're bound by, don't worry, it's pretty lenient.
[TXT]changelist.txt: Find out what's been changed in the latest (and indeed, each) version,

Dependancies Still lost? Read the Nox FAQ

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