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This is python source for TVSBCRN (The Variable Size Board Craze that's Rocking the Nation, henceforth refered to as "nox"1)
Hence to run it you need the freely available Python.
The graphical interface uses the Pygame graphical library. Hence to get graphics you'll need the freely available Pygame.

Programs are listed as: nox-(#major version)r(#minor version)r(#trivial revision)[options]

[PY ] Source for the latest nox incarnation.
[PY ] Required library.
[PY ] Required library.
[PY ] Required library.
[PY ] Class definition for move objects, required.
[PY ] Provides the computer players, required.
[PY ] Class definition for the board objects, required.
[PY ] Graphical interface for nox-3r2. You need at least one interface for nox-3r3.
[PY ] Text interface for nox-3r2. You need at least one interface for nox-3r3.
[ZIP]core bundle: The above 11 as a zip file.
[TTF]bluebold.ttf: the font required by the graphical interface.
[ZIP]Nox Graphics: Required for nox-3r0+, save in /data of the nox directory
[ZIP]Nox Sounds: Required for noisy mode in nox-3r0+ (without it noisy mode does nothing), save in /data of the nox directory
[ZIP]Extra data files: If you're updating an old version of nox-3 you want to take these and save them in /data of your nox directory
[DIR]Help: Help for all of the interfaces and an explanation of the game mechanics.
To use standard nox put,,,,,,, and the interface scripts for any interface you want to use and the data directory in the same directory (or put and in your python path) and then run
Still confused? See the Nox FAQ

1 After the place they keep gold of course (anyone who thinks it should have a 'k' in please send your complaints to /dev/null).

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